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Posted August 9, 2003 6:43pm

hughes1115 writes...

Good Day ...

I would like to have Family Tree Maker and GenSmarts 'open' at the same time. However, GenSmarts doesn't like the idea and relates the following, '... c:\ftw\ftmaker.ftw does not contain any genealogy data or it is in use by another program ... '

Must I create a Family Tree Maker GedCom file and let GenSmarts access such if I want to have Family Tree Maker and GenSmarts open at the same time?

Thanks for your consideration.

Jim Hughes

On 2003-08-09 11:45pm GenSmarts replied...


From what we've been able to determine so far, Family Tree Maker doesn't support "sharing" it's files. In other words, it opens the file in such a way that prevents other software from accessing it. We're still looking into this, but so far haven't found a way around it.

When GenSmarts reads your FTW file, it only has access to it during the opening process.

They way you can work with them together, is as follows. With Family Tree Maker closed, open your file with GenSmarts. Once the open has completed with GenSmarts, now open Family Tree Maker. Now you can use them both at the same time. If you make changes to your FTW file that you want to be recognized by GenSmarts, you need to close Family Tree Maker. Then use GenSmarts FILE...REFRESH... to reload the file in GenSmarts. Again, once the open is complete you can bring up Family Tree Maker again and have them both open.

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