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Posted August 4, 2003 1:07am

tdsmith writes...

Recently purchased GenSmart (GS) at the recommendation of Dick Eastman's most recent genealogical Newsletter. I have a database of 257,000 names, and was anxious to try it. It looked like it completed scanning the GedCom file, but then it seems to have hung on "Initializing Display". The disc access lite is not flashing periodically as it does when there is work going on, so I have to assume, my database was a bigger byte than it could handle. ANyone else having this problem?

Thanks ---- Terry[:(]

Terry D. Smith

On 2003-08-04 8:28pm pwbarton added...


My database of 12k people takes about 2 min to fully set up. The indicating bar along the bottom only moves for about half of that time and I think the rest is all being set up in memory. I only notice the disk accessing for a about 10 or so seconds right at startup. Do you see the progress bar at all? After the progress bar stops it might look like a hang up with that much data to go through. How long did you wait? I'm running a PIII on an older slow buss.

On 2003-08-06 2:03pm GenSmarts replied...

FYI - we're running some timings this week on different machines to put together a little chart which should serve a as a guide for how long it takes GenSmarts to analyze various size genealogy files. We also are putting in more "activity" in the "Initializing Display..." status, so there's more of an indication of activity.

On 2003-08-06 6:35pm n/a added...

Now I think of it, that's where I ran into trouble. I hit the help button when the initializing display was still on and then the cancel button as well.

Perhaps a message of some sort like 'do not proceed until task is finished' should appear somewhere.

I first read about this program in 'UpFront' by NGS and saw it the next day in Eastman's.

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