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Posted July 30, 2003 12:43am

We started shipping 1.0.2 last night. We had a few issues with beta and while we were working on those we put in a few more requested features... so the Version number bumped up to 1.0.2.

Registered users should begin receiving their automatic updates sometime today/tonight (Friday 8/15). If you just can't wait... send us an email and we'll return a direct download link so you can pull it down yourself.

Here's what's new since the beta:

Significantly faster SEARCH =>

Case no longer matters for any of the SEARCH's

Obsolete research results are now carried in the To Do List (but are still pointed out in the data cleanup list)

Marking a research result now advances you to the next person

Added GSEST. prefix to dates that GenSmarts is estimating

Added Support for "Surname, Given Name" format for names (likely just a FTW issue)

More birth/death/marriage estimating improvements

Took out 1790 VA census from Ancestry.COM (they don't have it)

Added census records for Connecticut (they were missing for some reason)

Fixed a bug in FTW reading that was causing some duplicate children

Added tolerance for 'or' and 'in' in place names (now not mistaken for Oregon or Indiana)

Fixed bug where cancel wasn't canceling if you didn't like GenSmarts default direct ancestor suggestions

Improved research suggestions involving ABT dates

  • Added an internal ability to change the directory where ResearchResults.CSV and DefaultDirectorAncestors.CSV are found. This will allow these files to be stored in the same directory as the source genealogy file, thus minimizing the cleanup list when working

with multiple files. See the help file for how to do this.

  • Added an internal option to display the "rin" (record id number) alongside the name. To turn this on, simply add the following two lines to the end of your GenSmarts.Ini file:



Here's what we previously reported as new since

  • Added Tools...Settings... menu option as a place to change settings. We just didn't have that many before, but we've added several this version, so we really needed a place to collect them all.

  • Added Automatic Backup feature. You can turn it on/off and specify the backup drive/directory in Settings.

  • Added Legacy Direct Line Integration Setting. If on, this causes GenSmarts to pick up Direct Ancestors from how you've used Legacy Direct Line Ancestors feature.

  • Added a "Find Next Root" button on the My Genealogy Tab in the Direct Ancestors section, so it's easier to find people you've tagged (or that GenSmarts tagged for you on your first run) as direct ancestors.

  • Added a list of "recent files" to the File menu bar so, if you work with multiple files, you can open them without having to search for them again and again.

  • Reworked the date estimating of birth dates. There were situations before where you could get a child estimated to be born before his/her father.

-Added support for internet access via proxy. This is in Settings...

  • Added Settings... to allow you to specify the type of internet connection you have. This is primarily so you can prevent GenSmarts from doing a dialing out on it's own if you have a modem connection. We had some logic in place to automatically detect this, but it just didn't work reliably on all machines/platforms.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the HELP lookup - when you'd press a help button you wouldn't get help.

  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing females married name on death record lookups to not be from her last marriage (e.g. it was picking up an earlier marriage).

  • Fixed the progress bar so it's a bit more active and informative in the later stages of an open. In general, we probably need to overhaul the completion percentage logic in this, as it's gotten a bit out of date as we've added more and more functionality that occurs at file open (such as the place name auditing and the save issues handling). Maybe next round...

  • Added the ability to cancel a file open once it's started. A cancel button is now available in the lower right hand corner of the screen next to the progress bar message.

  • Fixed a bug in the place name parsing that was causing an error if you had a 3 or 4 letter city in Alabama, in a county that starts with A or B... in your file. Clio, Alabama is an example. We affectionately called this the Clio bug.

  • There were a few research center links (off the Research Center Tab) that had broken sometime over that last week or two. We changed this so, instead of having those links embedded in the software, we redirect from the GenSmarts website. That way we can fix a broken link in real time, rather than having to issue a new release.

  • A couple of substantial changes unique to the trial version. At startup, there's now a tips/settings dialog that pops the very first time GenSmarts is run, and at shutdown, also only on the very first run, a one question survey pops to get an opinion and with an option to get on the list for our newsletter.

  • Added increased tolerance in place name recognition for "Of xxxx", "Near ", "Around ", "At Sea", "xxxx Ocean", and "xxxx River"

  • Fixed bug that was causing some recognition with "3 comma" style place names - e.g. "Of,,CountyName,CountryName"

  • Fixed bug that was causing census recommendations for single females with unknown parents prior to 1850

  • Added some "file open" help infrastructure (primarily intended for the trial version, where we seem to have quite a few people who can't figure out how to open their files.

  • Fixed SSDI recommendation so they get produced for death dates all the way up to 2003 (was 1995, and will remain that way in the trial version)

  • Added Scotland and Wales to the list of valid countries

  • Added some smarts to place name recognition so that "Saint" in a county name matches with "St.", if it needs to

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