Support for Legacy direct line ancestors

Posted July 22, 2003 9:49am

In the works for release later this week... stay tuned.

On 2003-08-05 5:42pm n/a added...

I installed Version 1010 today. I use Legacy 4.0 deluxe and have my daughter marked as the preferred line so I can track both sides of the family.

When I loaded the file (10000+ individuals) a screen came up giving my daughter as the direct line and someone who is only remotely related to a 1st cousin 4 times removed. Definitely not in the direct line. I clicked cancel on this but the program set the people anyway.

I cleared the tag for my daughter which cleared all the tags from the My Genealogy file but all these unwanted people still show up on the ToDo List. I was thinking of clearing the preferred list from Legacy but I can only see a way to change the person which won't help.

When I tick direct ancestors in the ToDo list all I get are the people who aren't connected. My actual US direct ancestors are nowhere to be found on it at all.

I'm at a complete loss. Should I uninstall the program and delete all the user files and just use the sample file to get familiar with the program until the update is released and hope that will be before my Key expires?

Incidentally, I didn't get a message to update to V1015 either so how do I update? My .ini file does not show a date at all.

I would appreciate some suggestions.

On 2003-08-06 1:46pm GenSmarts replied...

The next registered version update should be out sometime next week - the week of August 11. Support for Legacy's direct line ancestors will be included in that.

The very first time you run GenSmarts, it will suggest a direct line root for you, based on the longest line in your file (and then backing up one generation). We'll look into why it marked these when you hit cancel - sounds like a bug. As you did, you can "clear the direct ancestor root tag" to remove these tags. We've added a FIND NEXT ROOT function in the next version to make this a little easier.

The My Genealogy File tab will include all people in your file. When you tag a "Direct Ancestor Root", this gives sorting priority to this person and their ancestors in the To Do List - so they show up more towards the top of the list than they otherwise would have. The To Do list does include all suggestions generated for everyone in your file. You can have the TO DO list show only those you have tagged as "direct ancestor roots" and their ancestors by checking the "Show Only...Direct Ancestors" box (upper right hand section of the To Do Tab page).

If you do this and the To Do List is empty, it sounds like there are no suggestions for those that you have tagged. If you think there should be, pick a person and send their details to and we'll check it for you.

It's no problem to generate a new key for you, if you should ever need one for any reason. Just ask via and we'll send you a new one. You won't need a new key if you un-install and then re-install at a later date.

On 2003-08-06 6:29pm n/a added...

Thanks for your reply. I cleared the tag for my daughter instead of the other root person suggestion. [:I]

I think the reason the Cancel didn't work was because I first tried the Help button and after waiting for about 5 minutes for it to appear - it didn't - clicked cancel.

This morning, I was using the sample file and then tried to use the Wizard to open my Legacy file. Something went wrong and though I had my people there I also had George Bush and Barbara Pierce. I was able to clear the tags in the Data Clean box OK but decided to remove the program and start again.

Cancel went fine, I then marked my daughter as a root person and checked the list against my pedigree list - perfect.

I had no problems getting on-line to my subscription from within the program.

I know I'm really going to love this program [:D]

Thanks again.

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