GenSmarts accessing the internet on startup

Posted July 21, 2003 2:10pm

A couple people have noticed GenSmarts accessing the internet on startup and shutdown, and have queried what was occuring. Here's the scoop: The message that GenSmarts displays at startup and shutdown is pulled from our website, and, in the registered version, we check for software/data updates. It's not supposed to do this if you're on a dial-up connection and aren't connected, but we have had one report of a configuration where our check doesn't work correctly (e.g. GenSmarts caused a dialup). In the registered version, there's an option which allows you to delay this or turn it off completely.

After some investigation, we've come to the conclusion that there really isn't a 100% reliable way of avoiding causing a dialout, so we're putting in an online/offline toggle that lets you keep GenSmarts from initiating any online activity. This fix should be available in version

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