Video Training Topics

GenSmarts author Aaron Underwood shows GenSmarts in action while narrating a discussion on over 20 different GenSmarts topics - see the bottom of this page for a complete list. The video is a bit over 2 1/2 hours in length. If you'd like to see a sample of what the video is like, you can download the following 2 minute clip:

Click here to download a 2 minute sample clip (2.5 MB)

There's no install needed for the sample clip - just open or run (double click) what you download and the video will play.

These training topics are available on the GenSmarts Deluxe CD, on the GenSmarts Training CD, and on the GenSmarts Conversion CD.

Video Training Topics Table Of Contents
How To Preparing For a Trip To A Library
How To Help A Friend With Their Research
How To Use GenSmarts To Generate Email To Fellow Researchers
How To Focus On A Specific Research Source
How To Evaluate A Pay Site Before You Buy
How To Work With Multiple Files
How To Print A List Of Everyone Who Lived In A Place
How To Customize The Online Search Parameters
How To Set Up Heritage Quest Online Access
How To Use A Non-IE Browser
How To Use GenSmarts Without A File
How To Create Your Own Analysis Logic
How To Share Your Analysis Logic With Others
Discussion Topic: Printing
Discussion Topic: Filtering
Discussion Topic: Direct Ancestor Siblings
Discussion Topic: PlacePhrases.TXT settings
Discussion Topic: Estimating Logic
Discussion Topic: Obsolete Suggestions And Save Issues
Discussion Topic: TOOLS Menu Options
Discussion Topic: Lesser Known Settings
Discussion Topic: Hidden Settings/Features