User Comments

"...a big, fat THANK YOU for this wonderful program. It is mind-blowing!" - L.S., CA, USA

"VERY COOL PROGRAM ... I have done about 10 people and found most. You have sold me. Sign me up", L.B., TX, USA

"I also just wanted to let you know I think that GenSmarts is a wonderful product" - R.M.

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful your program is...your SmartSearch which not only goes to the related site, but enters the information on their screen. All this is done with a simple double click from GenSmarts. WOW!! This sure save a lot of time and makes checking out possible leads a lot faster and easier.", S.B., IL, USA

"I am an historian and I do not usually buy new program... but yours does indeed work exactly as you describe ...I am very pleased with it ", E.G., VA, USA

"Thank you for an excellent program! It is a wonderful addition to the field of genealogy!", C.G.

"I believe that this is one of the most state of the art software packages available on the market today", L.M.

"I wanted to tell you how much i LOVE your software. Almost everytime it suggests a source to me, I hit paydirt. It is so awesome!", M.B.

For those of thus that work on GenSmarts, the best part of the job is reading the email that comes in every week from customers having success. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. If you havent' done so yet, but would like to send us a comment on your experience - drop us a note at