"...GenSmarts is the best genealogy add-on software available on the market today. It’s a super program that is easy to use, comprehensive in its scope, and one that provides often-needed focus to genealogical research priorities..." - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (2004)

"...after 20 years in the business of genealogy, I think I’ve come across the program we’ve all been waiting for...we always wondered when someone would produce a program that would check our database and tell us where to look for additional data. Well, the time has come...I’m so excited about this program that I may not sleep much tonight!" - Leland Meitzler, Publisher, Heritage Quest Magazine (2004)

"I've been waiting for years for someone to apply artificial intelligence to genealogy—and now, it's finally happened! ...And here's one of the features I love: if a resource is available online, you can simply double click the entry… (GenSmarts) will take you to the site that contains the information, automatically enter the name of interest...and give you the results" - Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, Ancestry Daily News, 1/22/04

"It's like having your own virtual research does GenSmarts stand up to real-life use? Flawlessly....amazingly easy and less than five seconds, the program generated my To Do List" - Nancy Hendrickson, Family Tree Magazine (Feb 2004)