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Posted August 15, 2009 10:30am

dchris writes...

I am new to GenSmarts amd have been reading posts and FAQ's to see if I could find this info on my own.

My research in the US is partly done, with the exception of a few details, I am looking at finding records from overseas. The Family History Library search comes up with US records to search for, however, it does not give international links. After going online to FHL website, I did find that there is microfilm that they have for a section of Italy that I am looking for. My question; is there a way to get GenSmarts to come up with those recommendations specifically with regards to microfilm volumes/rolls information?

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On 2009-08-15 6:21pm GenSmarts replied...

We have only inventoried the Family History Library for items of US research interest. It would be possible to do the same thing for Italy, though have no immediate plans to do so. There is no feature currently that allows an end user to define inventories such as this, though there are some capabilities in TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS...

We hope to have a feature some day that will enable end users in this regard. However, regardless of if we do it or an end user does it... inventorying records is a lot of work.

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