New Version 2--Disappointed in Research Locations

Posted May 15, 2007 11:29am

bookwalk writes...

I upgraded to version 2, thinking many more research locations would be added, but not really. Here are some very widely-used new* (some are old and should have been added by now) databases that are MISSING:

DAR Genealogical Records Committee Database

Godfrey Memorial Library

*WorldVitalRecords (Everton)


* (National Archives Documents)

On 2007-05-16 7:55am GenSmarts replied...

Version 2 was about some fundamental changes to the tool itself - making it easier to use, faster, smarter, etc. All described at

All of these sites are on our list for consideration and I'm sure some of them will get in over time. It's not a simple matter to add a site - we have to inventory their holdings and write the rules that drive the recommendations, so don't think that we're simply forgetting to add these sites to a list somewhere... it's way more complicated and involved than that.

You can add the sites yourself, if you like, using TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS... though, as I said, it's not a trivial matter.

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