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Posted May 5, 2007 6:35pm

jthomps11 writes...

How do we add more locations to search to the program. I have a lot of sucribed sites to add to the search list. (World Vital Records\Everton Library, etc.) THANKS

On 2007-05-05 7:41pm GenSmarts replied...

Keep in mind there are two parts to what you are describing:

a) the inventory of record sets (type of records, dates and geography of coverage) available at a site. Without that, GenSmarts won't have any basis for analyzing your people to see what lookups might be appropriate. Creating an inventory for a location or a site along with the accompanying rules for making suggestions is quite a bit of work.

b) the lookup of a specific person on a site. That's the part you see when you click on the Available Online button.

If you're looking for a place to put in a website address and have GenSmarts generate suggestions that you can use to look up your people on that site... that doesn't exist as the inventory process isn't generic - it has to be done specific to each site.

You can use TOOLS...CUSTOMIZE RECORDS... to define your own inventory and analysis rules, but it is quite a bit of work, and it requires some level of proficiency with writing rules.

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