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Posted February 9, 2007 6:41pm

rpleimancpa writes...

GenSmarts research "TODOS" sometimes point me to these archives for marriage records. In the past, I would click the "Available Online" button and I would be directed to their website. During the past, 2-3 months, GS is never able to make the connection.

AND, the marriage dates don't jive with what they claim to be in their database.

On the other hand, I sometimes can find the data when I go directly to

Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

Using GenSmarts vs. 10930.

Thanks, Becky

On 2007-02-09 9:56pm GenSmarts replied...

I noticed they changed the URL of the site last week and seem to occasionally have some website issues. We're working on a general update for next week, so we'll do some testing on this and get it sorted out.

On 2007-02-10 10:17am GenSmarts replied...

It appears the only issue was the site had changed it's url. We've updated accordingly... since the site URL's are updated dynamically, you won't have to do anything to pick up this update... it should happen transparently in the background. The only exception would be if you have a firewall that blocks GenSmarts from accessing the internet... that would obviously also block GenSmarts from getting these types of updates.

After you've closed and restarted GenSmarts, aside from trying the Indiana search again to see if it works... you can also check to see if you received the updated URL by looking at the date on your slCache.dat file in your GenSmarts program directory. You should see a date of Feb. 10, 2007 or later.

If you want to check to see if your GenSmarts is communicating properly with the internet to get these types of updates, you can use TOOLS...SETTINGS...INTERNET... and press the TEST CONNECTION button.

On 2007-02-10 3:33pm rpleimancpa added...

You're fast! Thanks. GenSmarts is now connecting me to the Indiana Archives. (I don't have any firewall issues, etc.)

However, one more issue. Here's an example.

"Researching the Indiana Marriage Records makes sense because he was married in 1920 in (GSEST. Randolph County, Indiana)."

According to the Indiana Archives website, their databases only contain marriages:

1) From through 1850, and

2) 1993-2000

My question. Why is GenSmarts directing me to the Archives since it knows that my individual was married in 1920 and (I would think) that GenSmarts should know that the database doesn't include 1920?

For some reason, I thought they used to have a 1850-? database sometime in the past. However, my recollection could be in error.

Thanks, Becky

On 2007-02-10 5:04pm GenSmarts replied...

The short answer is it's a bug that's fixed in the vesion we've got under development and that we were testing with this morning...

There was a bug that we fixed last month where, in certain cases, the Available Online links would include a site that wasn't actually in the suggestion. This Indiana marriage situation is an example of one of those cases.

Anything higher than should have that fix. We haven't posted those into our formal update system yet as they contain changes to add support for Vista and AQ12 and we didn't really want many people outside of those two camps of users to download it yet.

This new release ( at this point) is pretty stable and works just fine on all versions of windows, so download it now if you like - you'll find the download link on the page we set up for vista:

Hopefully, we'll it posted at our page shortly

On 2007-02-13 2:39pm rpleimancpa added...

I loaded the latest update (with all other programs closed as instructed) and, after rebooting, repeated get the following error message:

GSENGINE caused an invalid page fault in

module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:00005c83.


EAX=358f0000 CS=014f EIP=00005c83 EFLGS=00000202

EBX=000003f9 SS=3747 ESP=000075a2 EBP=000075a6

ECX=00000000 DS=015f ESI=00000305 FS=0000

EDX=00000000 ES=358f EDI=0000001a GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

26 88 05 f7 d9 03 cf 58 5f c9 c3 55 8b ec 57 33

Stack dump:

00000000 5c9a75ac 75c80000 0000625d 76e8358f 0000000a 01770000 000003fa 000a0001 776e0000 76e8537e 00003747 0000358f 15ff3857 36cf016f 1260016f

As a result, GenSmarts won't properly load.

What should I do?

On 2007-02-13 4:06pm GenSmarts replied...

This is a bug Windows 95 and 98. We'll put something in GenSmarts to work around it... you're living on borrowed time though [:)] - there will come a day when we have to do something and it just won't be feasible to make it work on Windows 95 and 98.

For now, you can download the latest paid version from

That is almost always the latest "stable" or "recommended" version.

Always send an email to to report this kind of problem... it's likely that we'll want to follow up and understand more about your environment and that back and forth isn't really appropriate for a community forum.

On 2007-02-13 8:14pm rpleimancpa added...

Dear GSAdmin,

Thank you. The download you recommended did the trick. All is well.

Yes. I know. I need to upgrade the OS but have been holding out to also buy a new computer. Just want to have the best computer to operate Vista. MS took a long time to come out with specs ... so I've been bumping along.

I wasn't sure where to post my last message. Possibly you could add a place in the forum "for other questions". Instructions for when to post to tech support.

Thanks again. Wonderful product. Excellent support.


On 2007-02-13 9:53pm GenSmarts replied...

Just my opinion, but based on what I'm hearing from users so far...

...people who do more with their PC's than browse the internet and send email, but aren't power users and don't have access to a corporate tech support department... are going to find Vista very frustrating and hard to use.

For example, I had a call today from a user who couldn't find their genealogy file on their PC after an upgrade. It was in an Application Data folder... a reasonable place for it to be in the XP world perhaps. However, Vista hides these folders because it assumes it would be dangerous for you to be able to get at your applications data (or an INI or settings file).

So I would advise people who fit the above description (between a power user and a novice) to wait 6 months and see how Vista shakes out. If you're buying a new PC, stick with XP for now if you can. Unfortunately it might be too late to get XP from many vendors.


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