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Posted May 6, 2006 5:36pm

Lamar Chapman writes...

When I follow the GenSmart suggestions and go online to look a person's record and that person has a title before his name the title appears in the "given name" box, therefore making the lookup invalid. Is there a solution to this other than re-entering the given name every time?

On 2006-05-07 8:08pm GenSmarts replied...

FYI - this is posted in the wrong forum... (should be Version 1, not Research Locations)...

SmartLink (via the little down arrow next to the Available Online button) is always helpful when you want to change the default search form population.

What is the title involved and what type of file are you analyzing wiht GenSmarts (FTM, PAF, etc.)?

On 2006-05-12 10:26am Lamar Chapman added...

Sorry about posting in the wrong place. When I search for a census or other look up in Ancestry.com and the title of Rev., Capt., or any other the title appears in the "given name" box. If the person has a suffix such as Jr., Sr., III, MD etc this appears in the "last name" box. So a look up in the census of 1900 for Capt. James Doe Jr. would appear to be [Capt.][Jr]

Thanks for your reply

Lamar Chapman

On 2006-05-12 12:56pm GenSmarts replied...

...what type of file are you analyzing with GenSmarts (FTM, PAF, etc.)?

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