Corpus Christi, Texas

Posted March 27, 2005 9:33am

ManhBill writes...

The county listing for Corpus Christi, Texas is incorrectly shown as Kleberg County. Corpus Christi is actually the county seat of Nueces County, Texas.


On 2005-03-27 10:09am GenSmarts replied...

It's always best to put the county you want (know) in your data, that eliminates any guesswork that inevitably creeps in when dealing with incomplete place names.

According to FIPS (our tax dollars at work :-), a place by that name is in multiple counties. See for a report showing a list of all cities in the USA which are in multiple counties.

We take it you'd like us to change our default for Corpus Christi to Nueces, and that's probably a better default so we'll try to get that in to one of our upcoming releases.

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