Posted November 8, 2004 12:45pm

Thomas writes...

I'd like to suggest including this site for search results.

On 2004-11-08 1:00pm GenSmarts replied...

You would like to see a suggestion for every person in your file to go to this website? If not... what would the criteria be on who you would want a suggestion to check this site for?

On 2004-11-08 1:12pm Thomas added...

Yes, sorry, 'a suggestion for every person in your file to go to this website'. I know it may seem repetitive given you do that with Ancestry et al., but with this site, a user can earn free search time by partaking in their Extraction Project.

I've registered GenSmarts! But budding genealogists might also get hooked if they can find something other than SSDI or Ellis Island manifests... not that those are unimportant of course. I just feel this site helps round out what you interface with for free.

BTW, I am NOT affliated with them, just thought they would be a good addition. GenSmarts is way cool! :-)

On 2004-11-08 1:52pm GenSmarts replied...

The point is that GenSmarts does not say that you should check et al for everyone in your file.... only if a site has a specific set of records where it's a reasonable probability that a specific person in your file might be on that record.


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