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Posted October 22, 2004 11:27am

sfgayle writes...

Several of the states have a Dept of Archives with a catalogue of holdings online. It would be wonderful if there was some way to download those holdings into GenSmarts and search for possible matches.

On 2004-10-22 11:44am GenSmarts replied...

Several of these are already in GenSmarts (Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, California...etc.)

Which states are you referring to that we should add?

On 2004-12-27 11:12am Jimtf added...

The State of Maine has quite a lot of online info

On 2004-12-30 5:14am NancyW added...

Re: New Jersey archives - will this recent message help?

"For the information of those of you who have had ancestors living in New Jersey:

Howard Green <hlgreen@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU> wrote:Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 20:33:33 -0000

From: Howard Green

Subject: [H-NEW-JERSEY] New Postings to State Archives Website


Joe Klett ( writes:

Dear List Members:

We have recently posted a large number of finding aids to the State

Archives' website. In addition to guides linked from our catalog pages

(see below), we have also posted our guide "Using the Records of the

East and West Jersey Proprietors." The direct link to this pdf is:

Selected collection guides are now available online for seven catalog

query pages listed below. Finding aids range from simple box or reels

lists to detailed guides containing content notes, institutional

histories and item-level inventories. Direct links to several guides of particular genealogical value (i.e., containing name lists and/or

item-level descriptions) are included at the end.

Please feel free to forward or post this information to any relevant

historical or genealogical lists or sites.

Special thanks to Veronica Calder and Lois Bredlow of the State Archives

staff for their continued work on html mark-up.

With best wishes for a joyous holiday season,

Joseph R. Klett

Chief of Archives

Non-Governmental Records - Railroad Company Records:

Department of Agriculture and related agencies:

Department of Defense - Adjutant General's Office and related agencies:

Department of Defense - Colonial Wars and Revolutionary War:

Department of Defense - Twentieth-Century Conflicts:

Department of Defense - New Jersey Militia and New Jersey Rifle Corps:

Department of Defense - New Jersey National Guard:

Guides containing name lists and/or item-level descriptions include:

Manuscripts and Correspondence Relating to Colonial Wars, 1639-1903:

Commission and Appointment Certificates, 1745-1901:

New Jersey Home for Disabled Soldiers / Case Files [Incomplete], ca.


Revolutionary War / Records of Commissioners of Forfeited Estates,


Revolutionary War / Loyalist Manuscripts, 1776-1783:

Revolutionary War / Loyalist Muster Rolls, ca. 1777-1783:

Spanish-American War / Pension Claim Files, 1916-1930:

World War I / Information Cards and Photographs of New Jersey Men Who

Died in Service, 1917-1918:

Soldiers' Bonus Correspondence [incomplete], ca. 1921-1938:

New Jersey National Guard / Officers' Descriptive Cards, 1909-1917:

New Jersey National Guard / Records Relating to Distinguished Service

Medal and Medal of Honor Recipients, 1925-1939:


On 2005-02-03 3:42pm miche371 added...

North Carolina State Archives:

Also here is a link for Land Grants for North Carolina:

On 2007-01-05 2:34am aewold added...

The Utah State Archives has a searchable index -- very good for Birth, Marriage, Death, Probate, and Naturalization record types.

On 2007-05-05 2:21pm mrmorris added...

quote:Originally posted by GSAdmin

Which states are you referring to that we should add?

The Arkansas History Commission has the CARAT online search database which is fairly recent, but is growing steadily. There are several records types that are searchable:

Arkansas Land Records

Arkansas confederate home records

Arkansas confederate pensions


There are a few others, but often not name-specific:

On 2007-11-05 11:37am Cheasa added...

Tennessee State Library ans Archives

On 2008-02-15 4:10pm deepagel added...


Great mega site with links to government agencies that provide

free online access to public record information.

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