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Posted August 31, 2004

Added analysis for several more free online records:
- Canadian World War One Records
- Canadian Western Land Grants
- Canadian Naturalization Records
- More Canadian 1871, 1901, 1906 Census Links
- Pennsylvania Civil War Records
- Pennsylvania WW1 Records
- Pennsylvania Rev War Records
- England Wills
Fixed bug that was causing Kiosk mode to be in place
Fixed bug in new green mouse/red mouse definition that was causing too many green mice
Added support for generating census suggestions for widows
Cleaned up some low probability suggestions that were being generated involving females and land patents
Added a button on the main window (the "confused" button) that links to the new training material that we've begun posting online
Added "inline" comments in the TO DO EXPLANATION as to how any estimates were arrived at (if they factored into the research suggestion)
Changed the definition of red mouse/green mouse so that now green includes things that are free AND things you subscribe to. Red means "stop", Greeen means "go".
Fixed the re-occuring error message if you had no internet connection and tried to go online.
The INI file can now be located in the working directory, consistent with other files. This is for "advanced" GenSmarts pilots only :-)
Godfrey made some changes that required us to update how we access Heritage Quest via Godfrey library. We made the changes in such a way that we shouldn't have to update the software itself next time this happens... if you use GenSmarts to access Heritage Quest via Godfrey - you'll need this release or higher now.
For some reason, there seem to be a few Windows installations (a fraction of 1 percent, based on what we're seeing reported) out there that don't properly release all the storage when GenSmarts exits. This causes GenSmarts to think another copy of GenSmarts is running and produce a message to that effect on startup. This version avoids using that feature of Windows, so as to bypass the apparent problem.
Added 4000+ volumes from Chicago's Newberry library
More Free USA Vital Records Sites:
- Arizona Births 1887-1928
- Arizona Deaths 1878-1953
- Ohio Deaths 1913-1937
- Oregon Deaths 1903-1930
A couple of additional states WWI registrations from
Fixed a problem with maiden names on death record lookups
A "read only" mode for libraries to keep GenSmarts from saving any data. In GenSmarts.ini, in the FILES section, add this line:
A few changes to the "auto update" module to make it more reliable.
Improved Large Fonts display (for those that use that Windows option).
Improved compression of the install file - it's now under 6MB.
Added a search of's US census index for non-subscribers.
Added a new tool and increased the reliability of GenSmarts ability to launch a web page.
Fixed a variety of typos in the help file, as well as added a couple of sections to catch up with recent features.
Added a support newsletter signup window in the registered version so "over the counter purchased" users get an opportunity to sign up.
Added a HELP... option to check for updates - not fully implemented on our website yet, but we'll get to that shortly.
Fixed a bug in HELP... Send Your File to GenSmarts Support...
Made some changed to the GenSmarts "updater" to hopefully improve the reliability of upgrades.
Added a new TO DO LIST report "FULL" that contains all the text displayed in the on screen EXPLANATION.
Added support for "hot swapping" to your record keeping software, if it's running. See TOOLS... GO TO INDIVIDUAL... When presented with the search screen in your record keeping software, the record id (or name if you use Family Tree Maker) of the person you were looking at in GenSmarts will be in the clipboard, ready to CTRL-V paste it. Depending on your software, you may have to switch to "search by id" mode. Note that there's a "hot key" in GenSmarts displayed next to the GO TO INDIVIDUAL option - you can use that from the keyboard for a "hotter" swap.
Added some additional options to the Heritage Quest access mechanism to enable access from a few libraries we found that did things a bit differently than others.
Fixed a bug with where call#'s and microfilm roll#'s were being omitted.
Fixed a bug with that was blocking access to many db's.
Some fairly major structural changes to the way Research Results are handled. This will increase the speed at which they load and also enable us to better integrate with your genealogy software (RootsMagic, TMG, etc.).

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