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Posted April 7, 2004 9:05am

john.hirons writes...

On 2004-04-07 9:24am GenSmarts replied...

FYI - GenSmarts already does this content through Rootsweb.

On 2004-04-18 8:47am lay preacher added...

[quote]Originally posted by john.hirons

[/looking for decendants George North 1798 -1805

Halifax-Brighouse area. Son Benjamin North m to Sarah

Ann 1847.


On 2009-07-27 3:35pm pmpisin added...

North Family from England. I have a Benjamin George North who was married to a Mary Ann Broad. He claimed to be born in London England about 1845. Has brothers possibly named Ernest and John. Benjamin George, who was known as George North came to the US in 1871 for the first time with his family. They returned several times to England before settling in Algiers, Louisiana. The Broad family was from Hoo, Kent, England and have found that ancestery back to the year 1590. This, however, did not lead to my missing North Ancestery. Benjamin George North's parents were Sarah (?) and George North. Do you have any other information to share that might help with my search for the missing North's that came to America?

Pam Patai

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