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Posted March 17, 2004 9:11am

LoriBragg writes...


Lori Bragg

On 2004-09-10 7:55am wbrook added...

I'm not convinced this is a good site to add - the problem is that the search engine on this site is just a word search, and this results in an enormous number of irrelevent returns in most cases, so for example searching for 'Mr. Radway' in Warwickshire would result in every reference to the 'Radway' village, not just the main entry for the village, but every single mention in every single directory you searched on - usually thousands of returns. Its a real pain ! As many surnames have this facet to them, either being based on a place, or the place being named after a person (such as a street name) it effectively makes the site pretty difficult to use.

I'd suggest that sites such as www.a2a.org.uk and www.documentsonline.nationalarchives.gov.uk for the PCC wills in England would be more useful candidates.

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