Shiawassee County, MI Surname File

Posted March 14, 2004 9:40am

rcarlton writes...

The Shiawassee County Surname File is housed at the Owosso Branch of the Shiawassee District Library. The original version consists of 50 drawers of index cards, in excess of 62,000 cards total! In 1999, the card file was converted into this searchable database with funding, in part, from a federal Library Services and Technology Act subgrant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services, administered by the Library of Michigan, the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative and Shiawassee District Library.

Information includes cemetery records, as well as data from family group sheets submitted to the Shiawassee County Genealogical Society. While most of the information relates to Shiawassee County, there are no geographical limitations on the people included. Volunteers from the genealogical society continue to add to the database.

It is located at:

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