Posted January 11, 2004 10:52am

cray4348 writes...

I'm sort of surprised that isn't one of the sites you search out. It can be a very useful site. Could this be added some time in the future?

On 2004-01-11 11:47am GenSmarts replied...

You'll get suggestions for their census collection currently... so I assume you're referring to Ancestral File, IGI, Pedigree Resource File, Vital Records Index, etc.

The issue with these types of sources is their "sparseness" coupled with their wide applicability. In other words, they apply to almost every person in your file, yet the probability of any specific search of these resulting in a find is very low.

We have some things we're working on for these type of sources, but it will be a new type of capability, not simply generating suggestions of the current capability. I'd say we'll be releasing something on this in the next 6 months.

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