Trial version higher than the registered version?

Posted August 14, 2003 11:38am

The registered version occasionally lags the trial version because there are additional features and requirements in the registered version that require extra attention and testing - such as upward compatability with GenSmarts data that may have been created with a previous version. For example, the differences between 1010 and 1015 are a few minor bug fixes and enhancements, some of which

aren't applicable to the "registered" version. Further example - the difference between 1014 and 1015 was a "first impression" survey we pop at the end of your very first run of the trial. Don't need that in the registered version , as you've already cast your vote! Version numbers are cheap, and we increment them for every build we produce, no matter how small the change.

We almost always have a "registered" beta version equal to or greater than that of the current trial, and are happy to provide this to any of our registered customers on request. We do suggest though,

that you install the beta in a separate directory from the current version, so that, if you were to have a problem, you could always switch over and run the current "stable" version. And be aware that you shouldn't use a beta version to do much marking of research status, as there's some risk with a beta version that the data will not migrate correctly to the eventually released version. We've never had this actually happen, but always provide the warning.

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