Does the GenSmarts website use popups or cookies?

Posted July 22, 2003 10:13am

The GenSmarts forum uses popup windows for some of it's functions. They're not ads - just dialogs for things like changing your password, etc. It also uses a cookie to show you what's new since the last time you visited. The rest of the website doesn't use either.

This question occasionally comes up when customers using an ad blocker, such as AdSubtract, show statistics that some number of ads were blocked from GenSmarts. Often times this software can't tell the difference between a "change your password" popup and an "advertisement" popup, so it just assumes they're all ads. Another wrinkle is if you have the GenSmarts software link you to a site, such as Ancestry.Com, and that site has ads.... the ad stats seemed to get totaled under GenSmarts, not Ancestry.COM.

The only reason we bring this up is that these stats have caused some people to get concerned that there was some type of built-in ad launching mechanism in the software - there's not.

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