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Posted July 1, 2003

Added Dallas Public Library
Cleaned up chronology sizing in People detail level report
Fixed a bug where the load of some TMG files would fail due to an extra '_' being used in the lower level file names
V5 names are now better supported (though were broken for awhile in and
Expanded the definition of what a census tag is in TMG - it's either the original plain CENSUS tag, or has gedcom equivalent of CENS, or contains the word CENSUS in the name but not the word T (e.g. CENS-NT-FND wouln't fit)
Fixed some bugs in place name handling of locations with the word DISTRICT in them
Fixed occasional glitch in interface with IE where GenSmarts would pop a "IE is taking a long time (x seconds so far)..." message too soon, and behind IE where you couldn't see it
The suggestion engine is a bit more aggressive about using partial events (either a date or a place, but not both) in coming up with recommendations. This, coupled with the changes in date estimating, should increase the number of suggestions.
The next generation of date estimating is in this one. There's explanations provided for any dates estimated on the "MY GENEALOGY FILE" tab, and a new sub-tab in the DATA CLEANUP tab that contains anything we came across that might indicate an illogical situation in your data.
Added support for CENSUS events. No more suggestions to check what you've already recorded!
Fixed a bug that was preventing a few people from reading PJC, TMG and RMG files.
Added support for's census collection. SMARTLINK/SEARCH work for 1860,70 and 1910 now, and we'll be SMARTLINK/SEARCH for the rest of their indexed census later this evening (9/29).
Fixed a bug that was causing a loop when loading larger Gedcom files.
Turned off the "bug report", which was occasionally causing ACCESS VIOLATIONS on Win95/98. We had gotten in the habit of leaving it enabled pro-actively in the beta versions, but will go back to using it by exception - just when we need it to figure out a problem. This specific technology just doesn't play well with the older platforms. Other benefit is the install file is about 300K less without it...
The new "AVAILABLE ONLINE" linking technology is in. The help text has been updated, here's an excerpt about the new functionallity in the AVAILABLE ONLINE button:
"Pressing the small down arrow on the right edge of the button produces a drop down menu which allows you to control the how the link to the site is executed. BROWSE will launch the browser you've specified in the TOOLS...SETTINGS... menu option. Depending on the site, search criteria may or may not be applied and submitted. SMARTLINK, launches MS Internet Explorer and fills in the search criteria for you to review/tailor/submit. SMARTSEARCH is identical to SMARTLINK and additionally, the search is submitted for processing. By default, when you press the AVAILABLE ONLINE button, a SMARTLINK is performed. You can change this default to be either BROWSE or SMARTSEARCH, if you prefer, by using the TOOLS...SETTINGS... menu option (INTEGRATION tab)."
This one also includes the new Welcome Wizard. See the HELP menu... and give it a try.
Performance improvements for RootsMagic loading.
Support for a default country to assist place name recognition.
Other place name recognition improvements, including associating "district" with "county".
Added NEHGS to the list of subscriptions (only a couple of online datasets to get started, FILTER by NEHGS in the TO DO List to see if you've got any hits)
NEHGS seems to be having some problems with their site, especially in the evening, so be patient with bugs in the AVAILABLE ONLINE
Added the new pre-1916 Illinois death database, let us know what you think - it seems pretty sparse
Added support for TMG V5 multiple data sets
Cleaned up a shutdown error that a couple of people had reported
ID's now display all over the place
Living people now shouldn't have a "D. (unknown)" displayed
A couple of various place name issues were fixed
If you always want GenSmarts to come up maximized, you can add this to your GenSmarts.INI file, in the [Display] category (add it if it doesn't exist):
Cleaned up some place name recognition bugs.
Added support for the Living flag in Legacy, TMG, and RMG.
Cleaned up some issues with names having commas.
Cleaned up a time out error which popped up occasionally on slow PCs.
Cleaned up the unknown country and state that was showing up in the explanation test on SSDI suggestions.

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