How does the free trial work?

Posted March 16, 2003 1:52pm

The free trial works as follows:

  • GenSmarts will be free to download (download is about 3.5MB)

  • some useful features, such as many of the research suggestions, are truly "free" - never expire, no time limit

  • some of the most important suggestions are withheld in the trial version

  • the trial version only supports a subset of research records that are available in the registered version

  • some features are visible but not fully functional in the trial version, such as printing - the trial is print preview only

  • some features are use limited in the trial - for example, the trial only allows a few uses of the online linking button

  • when you buy a full/paid/registered version, you're given a download location for that version (about 5mb), along with a registration key that enables it once you've downloaded and installed it.

  • a secure, established payment processor is used, and supports global forms of payment

  • optionally, the software will be available to buy shipped to you on CD, at an additional materials/handling cost ($10 U.S.)

  • the trial version is not available for physical shipment

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