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Persons of Interest in my Genealogy Research:

Name/Aka: James Gardner / James Gardiner James C. Gardner / James C. Gardiner James Calder Gardner / James Calder Gardiner James Caulder Gardner / James Caulder Gardiner James H. Gardner / James H. Gardiner James Hiram Gardner / James Hiram Gardiner

Born: 1780 – 1800 In England or Scotland probably

Married: Catharine Hancock / Catherine Handcock Kitty Hancock/ Kitty Handcock On March 8, 1831 In Floyd County, Indiana / Floyd Co., IN / Floyd Co., Indiana

Lived in: Floyd County, Indiana / Floyd Co., IN / Floyd Co., Indiana Martin County, Indiana / Martin Co., IN / Martin Co., Indiana Jackson County, Indiana / Jackson Co., IN / Jackson Co., Indiana Knox County, Indiana / Knox Co., IN / Knox Co., Indiana

Name/Aka: Henry Pierpont / Henry Pierpoint Noah Pierpont / Noah Pierpont

Born: Henry born 1850 Noah born 1809 in Virginia

Married: Henry married Leota Leach Noah married Francis Shaw / Frances Belle Shaw / Belle Shaw

Lived in: Gasconade County, Missouri / Gasconade Co., MO / Gasconade Co., Missouri Greene County, Missouri / Greene Co., MO / Greene Co., Missouri / Green County, Missouri / Green Co., MO / Green Co., Missouri Crawford County, Kansas / Crawford Co., KS / Crawford Co., KS Springfield, Missouri / Springfield, MO Pittsburgh, Kansas / Pittsburgh KS / Pittsburg, Kansas / Pittsburg, KS

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